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Balances Dodier is a company that has built it's reputation since the very start by giving a service that carries the weight to meet the expectations of it's customers. Specialised in the field of weighing systems and scales of all kinds, from precision scales to railway scales and the range limitor devices to loader scales. Balances Dodier is a company offering a personalised quality service with an examplary time of response. Balances Dodier is a manufacturer but also a distributor for many suppliers. This allows the company to find and provide the requested equipment as well as the adequate solution for the customer's needs.

Following the delivery and installation of new equipments, the enterprise gets everything ready for use and works it out, making sure users have received all the information needed for proper and best operation of equipments. Our growing enterprise is present since 1998, having for mission to continually improve the offered services to our customers, by providing the best products and business experience, thus contributing in the establishment of a winner relationship with them. Whatever your need: to buy, to upkeep and maintain, to rent or calibrate, remember that here at Balances Dodier, when you have an application, we have a solution.