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Our calibration service extends itself with precision scales to high capacity scales, in a multitude of different brands and models. For intermediate calibration, we dispose of more than 4000 kg in weights of 20 kg, ideal for your fertilizer, floor and mixing scales, etc... Balances Dodier also disposes of two 10 wheel service trucks supplied with 10000 kg of weights, indispensable for high capacity scales such as truck and railway scales. You need a scale for a particular contract, a special event or simply for your annual inventory?

Balances Dodier offers a rental service, for whatever length of time you need. We rent for a few days, a few weeks and even a few months. We rent mobile, floor, counting, counter and hanging scales and much more for your satisfaction and your needs. We provide a personalised service when a particular adaptation and/or modification is needed by request. We can also provide an automation service. You need one of your scales to be legal for business? One of our technicians will get you certification from Mesures Canada very rapidly. With our vast inventory of load cells, indicators, junction boxes and various supplies, Balances Dodier is able to service you quickly and efficiently when you need repairs. No matter if it's at the location of your enterprise or your workshop, don't forget our 24 hour service.

Variable field of: Through the years, Balances Dodier has gained customers from many business sectors such as: excavation, road construction, textile, rubber and steel industries, chemical products, food and agricultural industries, stone and sand pit quarry industries. For each of these sectors we have known how to conform to the demands, requirements and regulations, to the satisfaction of our customers.